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a wedding to remember

A Wedding That She Will Never Forget After Her Dad Died. Her Brother Leaves The Whole Room In Tears With What He Did.

One of the biggest heartbreaks for a bride is the loss of her father, especially right before her wedding. The mixed feelings of joy and sorrow are felt knowing that dad won’t be walking her down the aisle. But Andrea’s brother does something very special that leaves the whole room in tears. It is but […]

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lacking self-belief

Why We Lack Belief In Ourselves

Believing in yourself is about having the confidence in yourself and your ability to achieve whatever you want, regardless of the situation you’re in. Usually, when you take up a challenge that others have failed in, most people will criticize you and tell you all manner of negative things. Under the pressure of such criticism, […]

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addicted to the internet

How To Find Out If You’re Addicted To The Internet And When Should You Worry About It

As the famous saying goes, too much of everything is bad and excessive Internet use is no exception. When distractions are often mistaken for variations, it becomes an excuse for getting sidetracked by anything you find entertaining online. Internet users may consider this type of addiction trivial and only the people that surround them will […]

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content in life quote

Be Thankful For What You Have Now

The world has been teaching us to find what we think is missing in our lives. We must satisfy the human needs in order to survive and to live happy. People have different perception in life. We have different definition of happiness like having the face or body we desire to be confident in front […]

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