5 Practical Tips to Become More Optimistic

Pessimism or optimism.

People use pessimism as a coping mechanism to deal with disappointment. If you believe good things can never happen to you, then you won’t feel bad when nothing goes right in your life.

It’s a type of reasoning that we use to prevent pain and hurt, but the effects could be much worse. Studies have shown time and again that optimistic people live a healthier life than pessimistic people.

But what if you are naturally inclined towards negative thinking? The good news is that it is completely possible to become a positive thinker – it’s a choice after all – and when you do, your life will change dramatically.

The following tips are simple and easy to carry out, and with a little effort you’ll start to see the positive effects almost immediately!

1. Put things in perspective.

If you tend to see the worst case scenario every time something goes wrong, why not take it a step further.

      Exaggerate the negative consequences to include even the most implausible results.
      Then do the same, but exaggerate the positive results to fantastical proportions.
  • You’ll start to feel silly, but taking things too far in either direction helps you to gain perspective.
  • You’ll realize that it’s highly unlikely that the doomsday scenarios you envision as a result of your actions will play out.
  • And you’ll see that even your initial reservations are not justified.

Pessimism can become such an ingrained habit that we fail to reason when issues arise, resorting instead to snap judgments. Exaggeration helps stop the habit.

2. Distract yourself.

When we concentrate on doing something, we often forget the pessimism. We switch gears focusing on getting the job done and making sure that we do it to the best of our ability.

Do activities that you are good at and that require focus. You’ll literary forget to be negative.

When you’ve completed your project successfully, you’ll feel good about yourself, and more confident in your skills.

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