5 Things People With Depression Are Hiding

feeling depressed and crying silently

A lot of times when we are depressed, we start pretending everything is ok, and we create a false world of happiness around us trying to escape our hurt and pain, all these things that are eating at us inside our inner reality.

Perhaps one of the greatest challenges is that living in denial will only appear to help so much before we break down again. It is why it’s of large importance that we recognize some of the depressive states in our emotional life that are being suppressed in an attempt to escape them.

Knowing some of these will allow us to take responsibility, getting out of denial and seeking the help we really need to move forward with our lives.

Here are some of these things we tend to hide when we are in a depressive state.

If you, a friend or a loved one are going through some of these. It’s time to get help.

1. They may intentionally make efforts to appear OK and maybe even seem exponentially happy and upbeat.
The idea that those with depression all have one similarly dreary personality is false. Depression is more than just a mood. Those who live with depression have learned to alter their apparent moods, and may even be some of the most seemingly “happy” people that you know.

Personalities can vary. Often those with depression try to stick with the positive and public parts of their demeanor regardless of what they’re going through on the inside. No one wants to bring others down, even if that means hiding how he or she is truly feeling.

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