6 Things Successful People Never Do


There is no absolute formula for success, but there is one thing that  all successful people have in common and that is following their heart.  It takes a brave person to succeed in life because no matter how you try to realize your dreams, there are challenges that deter you. However, being successful comes with a series of trials and it is solely up to you how you handle them.

When it comes to success, one size will not fit all. You need to find techniques that will really work for you. Otherwise, you will keep on following the crowd  and lose your identity. You don’t have to please others for you to belong. You have to be unique and embrace who you really are. You need to realize that you cannot please everybody and there is no such thing as mistakes because there will always be room for improvements.

1.  They refuse to let unsupportive people drag them down.

Abel James, Founder of award-winning podcast, Fat Burning Man, shared this tip with me: “Some of your friends, your family, certainly your co-workers, your ex-coworkers, and almost everybody on social media, will call you crazy and try to drag you down if you strive to stand out and do something different like I did.  And even now, after I’ve been successful, a lot of people from my past are still like, ‘I don’t get it.’  Get used to the naysaying, andlet the negative comments help you filter out the unsupportive people from the supportive ones.  In the end, all you need is that tiny peer group that does understand.”

Don’t be afraid of the conflict that might arise in your own circle.  When you start feeling like those who are supposed to support you are only trying to make it harder for you to succeed, don’t be discouraged: it’s only a signal that you’re not conforming to the limits that others have set for you.

Question:  Who in your life drags you down and makes you lose focus on your dreams and goals?

Action Item:  Make a list of the three people who support and encourage you.

2.  They refuse to let others determine their path.

Edith Yeung, Founding Partner at RightVentures, told me, “My mom still asks me ‘Hey, when are you going to get a real job?’  I’m like ‘I’m working!’  Even after you achieve incredible feats, some people just won’t see it.  This is why you can’t let others decide for you.  You decide how you live your life, and as much as your loved ones love you, realize they don’t know it all – they don’t know exactly what path is right for YOU.”

You mustn’t be afraid to follow the pathways that perhaps only you can see at this point. They’ll catch up.

Question:  Are you letting other people make all your decisions for you?

Action Item:  Remove one roadblock currently distracting you from your goals.  And if the roadblock is a person you love, just agree to disagree.

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