Emotional Pain Is More Deeply Felt Than Physical Injuries New Study Says

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How Emotional Could Hurt More Than Physical Pain

We tend to monitor our physical health more than our emotional health. For instance, we get physical health check-ups regularly, but the idea of getting a mental check-up is foreign to most of us. We tend to be more proactive in dealing with physical injuries than emotional injuries.

However, did you know that emotional pain hurts more than physical pain? That’s right. Pain caused by emotional distress such as rejection, loneliness, guilt, failure etc., is more deeply felt and cause longer-lasting damage to your health and quality of life than that caused by physical injuries. In extreme cases, it may even make you question if your life is worth living.

Here’s how emotional pain could hurt you more than physical pain:

Emotional Pain Damages Your Long-Term Mental Health And Self-Esteem

Physical pain has to be very extreme and traumatic to affect your personality or psychological health. Most of the time, you’ll forget your physical pain as soon as you’re healed. However, just one episode of emotional pain is enough to cause substantial damage to your emotional health.

For example, a critical boss is likely to make you feel like you’re not good enough for any job, damaging your self-esteem for many years to come. Similarly, bullying during your childhood can make you grow up into an introverted and shy adult. And if you were rejected by someone you love, that single painful experience can lead to several years of lack of trust in people, avoidance and loneliness.

Emotional pain can very often times leave very painful reminders…

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