The 5 Laws Of Karma You Probably Haven’t Heard About

what is karma


what is karma

What is Karma?

You’ve probably heard this phrase before – “karma is real”. But what exactly is karma? Karma is a Buddhist term that refers to the cause and effect principle where a person’s past and present intentions and actions have the ability to influence his or her future destiny.

In other words, when your intentions are actions are good, you’re likely to create good karma and future happiness, and vice versa.

Your thoughts, feelings, words and actions are powerful. You have the power to create your future happiness or misery. When you’re loving and kind to others, your karma will certainly return to you in you in the most beautiful way.

You’ll have this magic blanket of protection always around you, and incredible things will happen in your life in ways that you don’t understand.

However, if you’re the type of person who rejoices when others are hurting, then you’re just creating bad karma for yourself. You’ll never be happy if you hurt the people around you. You know why? Because we are all one.

You and I came from the same source, and all of us will all go back to that source. Therefore, when you kick that street boy, or look down upon the people you consider poor or ugly, you’re only doing all that to yourself.

Karma is a universal law that treats everyone equally in a sense. It teaches you and makes your world knowledge more complete. To understand other people’s suffering, the universe allows you to experience life from their own shoes.

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