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Why You Need To Learn To Love Yourself And Stop Seeking Approval From Others

learn to love yourself

You can be a person full of ambitions, but this strong and brave persona can disappear in one harsh blow as you continue to battle with that inner- critic that prevents you a way to learn to love yourself. You know you want to go beyond your limits so you can determine your capabilities, but there is an invisible enemy, an incurable disease that continues to plague your existence.

There is a negative force that stops you from doing what you have long been wanting to do. You are your own enemy. You are your own critic.

As you continue to please others, you are also turning down the opportunities to explore your true self because you become contented hiding yourself behind a mask.

The society can be cruel and heartless. It can dictate things based on its twisted understanding of social acceptance. You can become a puppet of what the society wants you to be without realizing you are already on the verge of falling into self-abandonment.

When you continue to strive hard just to prove to others you do not settle for less, you will live your whole life trying to convince your skeptical inner self. The process does not end because it is a vicious cycle.

You may feel good about your accomplishments, but if you do not know your purpose or your objective of meeting your goals, you will continue to seek approval from other people.

Forgive yourself when you make mistakes and move on. Never let your past mistakes become a measurement for becoming successful. People will always have an opinion about you, but they won’t matter if you already know who you really are.

If you are judging yourself too much, you need to stop and think. Proving yourself to others is unnecessary if you learn to love yourself first. You will be doing yourself a huge favor once you do this.

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