Why You Should Live In The Present



Transform Your Life by Living in the Now

Sometimes people feel bad for many reasons, but they tend to miss the point as they must live in the now.

The power of the now must not be underestimated, because the now is alll you have. We are going to talk about this interesting topic a little bit in the following paragraphs.


You need to realize that pain feeds on pain. So you must train yourself to feel joy from now on, and your pain will have less power on you.

Do not let your own mind become a tormentor to you, and you can do it if you live in the now.

When you realize that life is now, you will stop thinking too much about the past. You must understand that now is the only moment that exists.

Your mind creates the past and the future, but only the now is reality. Do not let psychological time take your peace and happiness away from you, as it is a dilusion.

This process will bring you pain, and it will make you miserable.

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